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orange county drug detox

If you have a substance abuse problem, it’s important to accept that drug detox is necessary to overcome your addiction. However, it is also important to remember that it’s just one part of the drug rehabilitation process when you begin researching Orange County drug detox centers. Physical dependency on a drug is an addiction that affects the user psychologically and physically. Psychotherapeutic treatment is included along with detox to stop cravings and to address changes that have been made in your brain because of long-standing substance abuse.

Detoxification will not address the deeper issues behind the addiction, such as the cravings, possible emotional and mental changes, family complications created during the period of dependency, job stability, and more. Withdrawal is a critical component, but it can only give you the power to stop abusing temporarily or for a short interval Without follow-up care and professional therapy, the risk of relapsing after detoxification multiplies.

To learn more about drug addiction recovery in Orange County or to receive assistance as you determine which type of drug detox program will best treat your specific situation, call (855) 207-7477 today. Our team of addiction specialists is ready and available 24 hours a day.

Your first stage in drug detox

Detoxification is intense for most patients, and having a professional medical and psychiatric staff on hand will provide you with practical, life-changing support. For example, several hours after your last dose of a substance, you may start to experience symptoms such as:

  • Excessive yawning
  • Sweating
  • Anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Muscle and body aches
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Agitation and emotionalism
  • A runny nose
  • Insomnia despite being tired

The symptoms listed above can be painful and uncomfortable but aren’t life-threatening. Since any number of more serious symptoms may arise within the first few hours of your detox, urgent needs will be cared for first, followed by the next immediate need and so on until stability is established. Some examples of more severe issues may include:

  • Violence
    Some types of drugs may increase violence during detoxification. For example, individuals who use synthetic cathinone (bath salts) may be at a greater risk of harming themselves or others. Anyone who is a danger to others may require the need for sedation or temporarily restraints.
  • Psychosis
    Psychosis may be brought on by some drugs, including cocaine. Individuals who use excessive amounts of cocaine may experience audible or visual hallucinations. Psychosis can also be caused by mental illness. It’s best to be overseen in a professional setting where a staff has medications on hand to bring stability.
  • Depression
    Withdrawal from opioids and other drugs may stimulate severe depression. Patients with suicidal behaviors or tendencies must be protected.

When any acute issues have been assessed, identified, and stabilized, you will move to the next level of detoxification and substance abuse treatment. At this time, the attention and focus will change to treat withdrawal symptoms. Being with professionals throughout the entire detox is best for your physical safety and successful sobriety. Please call (855) 207-7477 now so that our addiction specialists can help you find a program for addiction treatment in Orange County to start your new life of sobriety.

Inpatient drug rehab

The most intensive care available is inpatient drug rehab. These programs offer 24-hour inpatient care, which is stabilizing for individuals who are recovering from severe addiction. This type of program will require that you reside at the center on a full-time basis for a 30-, 60- or 90-day treatment plan. Your treatment will begin with your detox, and a medical physician will monitor your care to avoid complications. Medication may be prescribed that will alleviate any pain and help to reduce side effects. This stage typically requires one to two weeks to accomplish.

The next step in your treatment will include group, personal, and behavioral therapy, which is run by addiction treatment specialists and professionals at the facility. You will need to participate in group therapy where you will share your responses to the treatment as well as your thoughts and feelings. This is a very supportive community that will embrace you and encourage you to step past the pain and reconnect with former hopes and aspirations. While you are in treatment, you will be given personal time each day to journal, exercise, and enjoy music. This personal time may also include your use of new stress-relieving techniques, such as meditation and yoga, that are helpful tools for withstanding drug use after you leave the treatment center.

Family members will be included in your therapy sessions to strengthen familial bonds, heal old wounds, and to teach your family how to be an encouraging support system after your treatment has been completed since their support will be a critical component in your successful recovery. Contact our addiction specialists today by calling (855) 207-7477 so that we can find you a great inpatient drug rehab center in Orange County.

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