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orange county drug rehab

Substance abuse can be difficult to overcome; it can take control of your life before you are aware of how serious of an addiction you have developed. However, there are numerous forms of Orange County drug rehab programs, including both inpatient and outpatient drug abuse programs that can help you regain control over your life and begin the addiction recovery process.

When drug addiction takes hold, it’s important to look at factors beyond the substance in question, as these can weigh heavily when determining the scale and scope of the issue. Your gender, age, environment and other demographic factors can all determine the extent to which struggling with drug abuse is exacerbated. Whether it is a legal substance like alcohol or a more illicit drug like cocaine or opioids, all forms of addiction present tremendous challenges to the user.

Thankfully, Orange County offers both inpatient drug abuse treatments and outpatient services. When you check into the appropriate program, qualified professionals will assist you through the process of recovery, providing the skills necessary to overcome addiction, identify and avoid triggers, and prevent relapse. By developing a strong social support network and with the aid of different types of therapy, you can become a proactive participant in your journey to a sober, clean life. Should those strategies be insufficient, you may also be prescribed non-addictive medications to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms while you recover.

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Inpatient substance abuse treatment

Inpatient drug abuse programs are the most intensive and will require you to be separated from society at large so that your first step in addiction recovery is a successful one. This drug abuse treatment requires you to live for a minimum of 30 days in a facility monitored 24 hours a day by qualified professionals.

The most common first step of inpatient drug abuse treatment will involve drug detox. Here, you will be monitored to prevent complications while the drug works its way through your system. If needed, non-addictive medications may be prescribed to assist with the detox and alleviate the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

Following detoxification, inpatient drug abuse programs will begin the process of helping you understand your addiction and provide strategies so that you may overcome it. Behavioral therapy administered by qualified professionals will explore your thoughts and feelings so that a thorough understanding of your addiction is achieved. You will work with others who also struggle with addiction, and together, you will provide a support group to listen to and help one another in your time of need.

Personal time will allow you to relax where you can exercise, write in a journal or listen to music to unwind. Eventually, family members and close friends will be invited to participate in therapy sessions so that you can strengthen bonds, heal wounds and expand your support group.

After you have completed inpatient treatment for substance abuse in Orange County, you may progress to a sober living home or outpatient drug rehabilitation. Sober living homes often allow a smoother transition back into daily life although outpatient drug abuse treatments may provide more flexibility. Your addiction recovery will still be supervised by professionals who are there to help you on your journey and provide the support and information required to prevent relapse.

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Sober living homes

Sober living homes are often a part of treatment that sits in between inpatient services and outpatient drug rehabilitation. Here, you will live full-time after completing an inpatient drug rehab program. You will be given the opportunity to transition from 24-hour monitoring to a life with more flexibility. However, the home will still provide the structure necessary to keep you on track.

At a sober living home, you will stay in a residential setting that allows you to go to school or work. The therapy and daily support groups attended will be continued at the sober living home so that you can maintain personal accountability for your recovery. With services to help you find employment or another place to live after leaving the sober home, your recovery will be guided every step of the way.

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Planning for treatment

While the first step on the road to recovery may be seeking help, other auxiliary factors can weigh heavily when making that decision. How you will pay for and get treatment are two of the most common. Insurance may pay for your treatment, but if not, other funding options do exist. We will work with you to understand your options. We will also help you figure out how to put your affairs in order.

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